Lonely is a universal garment.
Most people wear there’s in blue
With shade of depression.
Mine is white
With black print
Made of the signatures of those who left me like this.
Yours is somewhere on my back.
Signed under your knife.
It’s the one from last winter
Remember that?
When I was taking a walk through hell.
Climate change
Had you feeling unhinged,
So you left me alone
In the company of my demons
Who taught me to cry.
They showed me how mad I could go.
They named me there’s
All this was happening to me
As you ran free through your summer haven.
So I wore my lonely
Paired it with a suicide tie
And painful memories.
I attached the tie to my highs
And tightened it around my neck.
Now I hang there in silence
For the world to see,
How beautiful lonely can be.


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