The Identity Question!

What is identity? Who we are? Is it defined by our race, background, status? Or is it who we are when we rise above all that. Do you carry your identity proudly; wearing it around your neck like a gold medal bestowed upon you by the gods for just being yourself today? Or does your identity carry you? Do you need it to survive? If someone didn’t know it to be true, would you seize to exist? Is your identity an original? A one of a kind model that has all jaws dropping and inspires hushed mocking? So bizarre, that your first words were you explaining your excellence? Or is your identity store bought, brand named and mass produced; so much so that it has no need of being identified thus ceasing to be an identity Merely a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of an unoriginal flavor that we’ve all tasted so many times, we got sick. Is it that you just don’t have an identity? Do you just sit around like a piece of clay hoping someone will mold you? Are you among the most amazing people ever; those who go through an identity crisis? Completely unidentifiable! They literally refuse to be placed inside a box that’s too small for them. They understand that, with growth comes change which brings you to discovering you and thus discovering your true identity.


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