Death Wish

I hope you find me dead in the morning. Maybe I drowned in my tears or choked on my pain. Maybe my heart simply got so heavy that it just stopped beating. I hope the last words you ever say to me were “I hate you”. I hope you meant it. I hope I didn’t cry; my tears balancing on the edge of my eye lids so you only came so close to victory. I hope I didn’t speak. I just stood there in silence letting you feel every word that I swallowed hang between us. I hope you feel them rip up your very soul when you find me lying there with no tears and my eyes shut. The window to my soul, now closed forever because there is no longer anything to see. I hope your pride doesn’t ever let you break.Let the inferno of guilt burn inside of you for all of eternity. This is your way to empathize with me. Empathize with what you put me through. I pray you see me everywhere you go. You hear my voice in the wind and see me face in every crowd. My spirit will linger in the air all around you. It will gnaw on your heart strings every time something beautiful gets destroyed. It will whisper in your ear every time you search for peace. You will never forget how you made me feel. You will feel what you never let me forget. I pray you live a long life. Long enough to see me reborn. I would never wish death upon you because there is no sense to setting my captor free. I hope you know that I love you!


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