Like It Matters

I still think about you,
Like it matters.
I talk about you
Like you are still a part of my life.
Like I’m going to see you tomorrow
And nothing ever changed.
Our memories,
Now seem irrelevant.
I’m the only one holding on to them.

I tell people I miss you
Like you’d give a fuck.
I reminisce on a time
When it might have mattered.
About how the days we spent together
All more than a dream.
They were a reality of a better me.

Damn, I’m careless.
That doesn’t mean I’ll ever care less.
You don’t care at all;
And I wish it hurt less.
I don’t blame you for leaving.
I’m also not sorry that I let you go.
Yes, I’m still crying.
If I said I didn’t want you back
I’d lying.
My insides are slipping out
And I’m all choked up.

I only miss you when it’s dark
It reminds me of your heart.
Stars remind me of your eyes,
With their piercing essence.
Loneliness reminds me of our bond.
The only person I need to forgive,
Is me
I don’t deserve to feel this way.
I’m writing about you
Like it matters.


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