Unearthing Self

I levitated in and out of your mind. I hang in the air. Breathlessly. I never touched your walls, so I could never leave my mark. I remained in that limbo until gravity kicked in and I’d drop out of your mind like velvet. I’d pray you’d lose yourself again; long enough to have me back. I lay there like a disgraced rose. My colours never faded but I did. It was like the season passed through me instead of me through them. You were the only looking-glass that allowed me to see myself as beautiful. That’s why I let my gazes linger. I wanted to pierce the image into myself deep enough that I would no longer need you. Need you to feel validated or worthy. Need you to feel beautiful. Need you to feel. I would be free from your chambers.I’d learn to love gravity and kiss the earth. My hands would spread across the earth and my fingers would dig deep and I would sink into it as I fall into myself.


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