A Bitter Sweet Contemplation

You wonder about the flavour of her cherry lips. You think about the taste of her cinnamon skin. You know looks can be deceiving but the truth also hurt. You had heard every painful truth, so you were ready to be lied to tonight. Step into her danger zone and imagine what it feels like. She’s dessert after a full course of heart break. She’s the guilty pleasure wrapped in innocence. She’s a cavity waiting to happen but you already own dentures. Tonight, all that stands between you, her and everything you could be together, is all of last night’s pain. You don’t want to feel this tomorrow. You don’t need the same scars in the morning. So you’re being a pill but she’s the trip. Her level is the journey you’re too scared to take. Even history can you dictate which way this going to go. Maybe that’s why you keep getting lost in her eyes. Fuck it! You close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Let the butterflies melt away as you get heated up to go claim what’s yours. You open your eyes and she’s gone.


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