The Way You Love

You remain stable man.
Unfazed and unchanged man.
Loved by a crazy girl.
You love a crazy girl.
You loved the girl like crazy.
Love made the girl crazy.
Explain why
Something so common
So plain
Can drive love insane?
Explain why
Is not plain
Nor is it sane?
It’s as complicated as the lovers.
Does that phase you man?
Does that change you man?
Change you
Like your lover
Save your lover from insanity;
You do like the change
The strange
The deranged
Change that turns lover
To strangers.
It’s the way you love.
Is that how you love?
Is that love?
It’s only as complicated as the lovers.
This love was easy.
Easy as falling.
Falling in and out of it.
It is love.
It is your mind.
It’s her heart.
It is the way you love.
This was the stable man.
The unfazed man.
The unchanged man.
The man who was uncomplicated as his lover.


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