That Night

I could have slowed down my rhythm that night. Let him catch up and feel in control. Danced a little slower and been a little more present. Maybe then I would have noticed his eyes pierce across the crowd and lay themselves all over my body. Maybe then I would have dignified him by looking back and locking our eyes only for us to blink and all this to be over.

That night, none of that crossed my mind. My body was mine and my heart and soul belonged to the music. I had lost mind somewhere in the bump and grind of the city lights. Time was frozen and I was the only one who could see it.

That night, I was magic. That night, I was freedom in every essence. That night I was anything and everything I ever wanted be. I embraced the energy of the queens that came before. I reigned hard and flooded the night with my spirit.

That night I was woman in her greatest light. I was fierce and fearless like a cat in the night. I was the moonlight and my legacy was the tide. I was so powerful that night; I made the waters dance to my music. Beauty bloomed in the name of my light.

That night, it seemed like the sun would never rise but I didn’t care. I barely noticed. I controlled night the sky and lived among the stars.

That night, they couldn’t steal me. They couldn’t handle me. They couldn’t take me. That night I was the jailer and he was the prisoner. I was untamed; unhinged. That night I saw my reflection in the face of beauty. I saw myself the way I wish I saw me. That night, I was my truth.


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