Errors In The Epitah

A thickly veiled epitaph
Over what you didn’t understand
Over what you don’t  know.
Co-sign it,
Be the blind witnesses
To this silent movie murder tale.
I’ll remember it but you won’t.
Try and decipher the cracks
In the times I smiled.
Break down the details in my break downs.
Label it all under selfish
It was never anyone else’s fault.
Define it as strength.
Sweep the ugly under the carpet
Blame it on being human.
Remember that I was not the first or last
To ever hurt or be hurt
That my problems were nothing new.
The only fights I ever fought were against myself.
I was strong but died from weakness.
Loved but never learnt to love.
No faith in desire
No desire to have faith.
The poster child of vanity
With nothing to be vain about;.
My mirrors were always cracked.
She lived through her depression but died happy.
She lived happily and was depressed to leave.
Uncentered and self-centered,
A life spent orbiting lives with life.
Alien to self and love
Alien to self-love.
Gone but never forgotten.
Then again, by who and for what?


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