An Ode To The Next Generation Of Parents

I wish my parents would stop pre-victimizing me every time someone brought up rape culture. I wish they’d stop to scaring me like it would shelter me. I wish they’d tell my brothers to protect me at all costs. I wish they’d teach my brothers to protect my sisters at all costs. I wish they’d take all the older boys into the other room and tell them that they have no right to ever make any woman cry. That they should be the gate keepers of their sisters’ hearts and never let any other man think they could even try and hurt us. I wish they tell my younger brothers to call at least one woman beautiful every day. Even if it’s just our mother, let them vocalize it. Teach them to open doors for ladies and treat girls like equals…….. I mean as equals. Teach them never to lay their hands on anybody. Teach them that it’s safer without a fight. I wish my parents would tell my younger sister that she’s beautiful. I wish they’d tell her that no man has the right to what’s hers. I wish they’d teach her that her body is hers and nobody else’s. I wish they’d teach her to wear whatever makes her happy without feeling like a slut or too masculine or too girly or too anything other than herself. I wish my mother would stop wearing make up on they days they spent alone together so she’d never think she needed it. I hope she loves her hair enough to cut it. I wish someone would teach her to love what she see’s in the mirror. I pray she learns to always clear her plate. I hope she never feels obligated to even start the meal. I hope she never feels like she needs to be like other girls. I wish I could be the one to teach her all these things. I wish somebody had taught me. I pray my father loves all us women with all his heart. I wish he’d place all of his daughters on pedestals so high that we never forget our worth. I wish he’d tell us we are beautiful so many times we’d never  need to look for it outside our front door. I wish he’d never leave his sons so they never leave their sons. When they stay, I hope they keeps them in the room whenever he tells his wife “I Love You” so they never forget to do the same. I wish my father would stop telling my brothers that he loves them only when they are breaking. I wish he’d spray those three words on our family hearts and leave them to dry in the warmth of the unity he creates every day. I pray none us ever fall in love without remembering we too can be loved.


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