The Abstract Dreamer

I don’t dream like everybody else. I doubt I could if tried. I believe I’d try if I cared. I dream, with my head on a pillow of ecstasy allowing my very being to be distorted by romance, adventure and ultimate desire. Everything that happens when my eyes are closed are mere formulations of my lust for another self.

There is so much magic in fantasy and such little desire or want. In it lose track of time and self. There’s nothing linear in this trance; just majesty and the unattainable. The aesthetics at the bottom of the rabbit hole are just as distorted as time and love are in the real world and finally, reality begins to make sense.

I pray that if my fantasies are mere fallacy, the reaper may take charge of my fate. For I’d rather dance in the rain than to a new song. If heaven were to grant me one wish, that is the decade must die before I, that it won’t be in vain. That one day I would awaken in a world where fantasy and reality intertwine to create my destiny.

I stand alone at the edge of this dark and foggy forest. I fear that fear will be my undoing if not illusion. I’ll place my faith in the arms my guardian angel. Listen for her voice over the screeching of my demons. Trust in her in spite of my dismay and distress. If I might trip tonight, may I fall in love and light to find life and magic.


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